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Welcome! I've always enjoyed unusual flavor combinations. I am committed to continuing this pleasure, while eating healthy. I hope this blog will allow me to share ideas for eating healthy without losing the excitement of innovative recipes.

I am a follower of the diet plan of Dr. Eric Berg, which in my case means gluten-free, alkaline, low-fat; my health and figure have improved vastly with this. This also fits with raw-food, vegetarian, and Weston Price (nutrient-dense), D'Adamo's Eat Right For Your Type, the Perricone Weightloss Diet, and the proportions follow Barry Sears's 40-30-30 Zone Diet. Organic, ecologic, and local-eating are also guiding principles. (Interesting how they all overlap.)

But looking around the Net, and in books, a lot of what's offered for "gluten-free" eating is versions of baked goods, and imitations of wheat dishes like pizza and burritos. You won't find that here. This site will present a complete re-thinking of how to be "gluten-free".

And followers of chef Michael Roberts and khymos, as well as lovers of Japanese creativeness (as in Iron Chef) should also find gourmet ideas here. The recipes will not just echo American cooking, but present new combinations.

Some of the reasons for this way of eating are: autism, perhaps aspergers, "celiac disease", obesity, perhaps cancer and who knows what else. You won't find the word "disease" used here though. As D'Adamo explains, a large part of the world's population (mostly with "O-blood type") never got the genes to adapt to eating the new foods of wheat, etc that came into the diet during the Neolithic. So don't call it a disease! We are actually an older human type. We're not sick; we just don't have that new-fangled adaption that some folks have. And looking into traditional diets shows that much of the world did not have wheat until very recently, and got along just fine. I know I'm eating quite well. I don't miss gluten at all.

Enough! Welcome to my kitchen . . .

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Innovative Flavor Basics: RICE

I've fallen in love with rice. Well, I always liked it, but for most of my life, 
it was limited to white or brown. Now that I am keeping my gluten-level way down,

I've poked around in my local markets, and found a wealth of riches.

Then, one day, I thought, hey, how about combining some of these new flavors?

Since then I've found several combinations I use over and over, 

always leaving room for continued experimenting.

Here are some great combinations:

A great nutty combo: 

1) Thai red rice, rye berries,  and quinoa (plus a little millet, if handy.)

(Alter Eco Fair Trade Ruby Red Jasmine or Coral Red Jasmine are both great.)

Rye does have a bit of gluten, but it's good for you in other ways 

(supposed to help with plaque buildup on teeth), so I mix in a bit. 

Quinoa adds protein.

2) Japonica Black Rice, brown rice, red quinoa, maybe some amaranth.

I'm in love with black rice. A really hearty flavor.

I think it is from Lundberg.

3) Riso Bello makes a great risotto mixture of rice with spelt and barley.

The secret of risotto is to add flavors (broth, spices) WHILE cooking.

I'll post a risotto recipe in a bit.

4) If I'm in  a hurry, or if making a soup, I like Japanese Sushi rice. 

It cooks up quick, and I like the sticky texture.

UPDATE: I've found another tasty combination:

- 1/2 cup risotto rice

- 1/3 cup Trader Joe's Harvest Grains Blend (with various beans) (or just more rice)

- Top off to total 1 cup with red quinoa

Cook in 1 cup water and 1 cup chicken (or vegetarian equivalent) broth.

Maybe add green onions.

When cooked, add:

1/2 can green peas (with the water or without)

1/2 can coconut milk

Season with (this is the secret): apple juice, to taste - maybe 1/4 cup

Sprinkling of Knorr Tamarind Soup Base Mix (Philippine: Sabaw ng Sinigang sa Sampalok)

     or some other sour taste

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